Welcome to Kinnect

Kinnect was created for those of us who want to make life easier for our families and ourselves.

To do that, we need a reliable way to prepare for the storms life sends our way. We need a way to make sure we don’t get stuck needing something we don’t have.

The challenge is that we can’t always see what’s coming, and there’s no reliable way to make sure everyone always has everything they need. This leads to us hoping for the best, and believing certain hardships are unavoidable for our families and ourselves.

At Kinnect, we believe that life is difficult enough, and families shouldn’t have to face any hardships that can be easily avoided.

We understand firsthand what it’s like to not have what we need at the worst of times, which is why we’ve spent over three years working with over 5,000 families to create the easiest, safest and most reliable way for families to organize and share their critical information.

Here’s how to start:

1. Connect with your family

2. Upload information in your Vault

3. Share on your own terms

4. Receive information others share with you

5. Let others help

6. Learn about security

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