Sharing That Puts You in Control

If you asked ten random people what information they share with their family and how they share it, you would likely get ten different answers.

We analyzed the communication dynamics of several thousand families to provide a foundation for how Kinnect enables users to share information.

There are four questions that will help guide you to decide how to best share certain types of information:


Will someone need this information in the future?

If ‘yes’, we recommend uploading it into Kinnect, and sharing it with everyone who needs it now, or in the future.


Do I want them to have access to it now?

If ‘yes’, you can share it with them now.

If ‘no’, you can pick a future date when you want them to have access to it, or select ‘later’. It’s important to let others know what information they will need and where to find it, even if you don’t want them to access it yet.


Do I want to be notified when someone views it?

You have the option to ‘seal’ individual files, which means you get a platform and email notification if it is viewed or downloaded.


How can I make sure information is available when it’s needed?

Files that are accessible can be opened by others anytime they are needed. Files that are not currently accessible can be shared by Admins of your folders if for any reason it was needed.

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