How the Vault Benefits Your Family

My family, like many others, organized our information in several different places. Some documents were kept in a folder or briefcase in my parents house. Some documents were kept with attorneys. And some random information was kept in a few different locations online.

The problem is that we don’t typically think about what we need until we need it, and it’s often at the worst times when we realize that we don’t know where certain things are, or how to find them. This widespread problem is experienced by the vast majority of families.

We believe that by creating the easiest place for families to securely organize and share their important information, we can enable all people to avoid certain hardships that arise when we don’t have what we need.

The Kinnect Vault solves this by giving users Smart Folders, Optimized Records, Personalized Sharing, Requesting and Admin Permissions.

  • Smart Folders: Organizes each user's information based on type.
  • Optimized Records: Enable users to input everything from Netflix accounts to contact information to advance directives and everything in between in the fewest possible steps.
  • Personalized Sharing: Users choose who to share with, and control when those they are sharing with receives access.
  • Requesting: Users can send information sharing requests to others within Kinnect.
  • Admin Permissions: Users can give others permission to manage their folders.

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