All about Templates

Templates are a ready to use format having collection of specific fields to help you add different types of information. For example if you wish to add your Netlfix account credentials in your kinnect vault, you can use the Accounts and Passwords template which has the fields required to store login credentials. Templates make it easy for you to add information in your Vault by laying out the important details that you should be ideally thinking about when stroing a particular kind of information.

While adding a file you can view all available templates by clicking on the "New" button in your Vault and then clicking on the "View All Templates" option in the dropdown. You can then either search for a specific type of information or template that you have in mind or browse through different information categories: Personal, Home & Family, Legal, Financial, Business & Employment, Insurance, Health, and Other.

While setting up a folder, you will only see options to add templates of only that information category to your checklist. If you need to add a template that you don't find there you can either add the "File Upload" template or add it later after you ahve set up you checklist. Once you have set up your checklist you can add items to your checklist through the "Add Item" button.

While adding an item to your checklist you can view all available templates by clicking on the down arrow on the right end of the "Add Item" button. This will show you a dropdown of the commonly used templates with a "View All Templates" in the footer of that dropdown. Click on the "View All Templates" button to go to the "Template Center" with all available templates.

We will continue to add more templates to help you add any all types of information in Kinnect. If you have any information for which you were not able to find a template, please tell us here. Make sure to choose "Request to add Template" as the message type.


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